Medical Tour

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Jul 17 2018, 9:30 a.m.

Date Hospital Tricare
Thu, 19 April Women's Medi Park O
Parbe Clinic X
Thu, 25 April Mir Dental Clinic O
Gyeungbuk Hospital X
Thu, 10 May Mac Dental Clinic O
Nun Eye Clinic X
Thu, 24 May Hyosung Women & Children's Hospital O
Apple Dermatology X
Thu, 7 June Daegu Catholic University Medical Center O
All For Skin Dermatology X

Thu, 21 June
Dongsan Hospital O
New York Dental Clinic X
Apil Plastic Surgery X
Thu, 17 July Women Medi Park Hospital O
Daegu Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine X
Thu, 26 July Mir Dental Hostpial O
Woosong Oriental Medical Clinic X
  • Departure 0930 at the Camp Walker Community Activity Center
  • Open to all Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians and Retirees
  • Limit 25, registration at the Camp Walker Community Activity Center
  • Transportation and English speaking coordinator

This tour does not represent an endorsement of these facilities or these individuals, by the United States Army or this installation.

*Sponsored by Daegu Medical Tourism Information Center


This program is provided for free.

Registration Info

Off Post Medical Clinics: DSN 764-4123

You have to register 2 days prior to tour.


  • Military DSN Tel: 764-4123