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Commercial Sponsorship

The United States Army Family and MWR plans, produces, promotes, and manages world-class programs for military members and their Families, including a host of recreation, sports, entertainment, travel, and leisure activities. When you join our program to reach out to these special target markets, you will also support outstanding programs for those defending our peace and freedom.


Millions of Military Service Members, Retirees, DoD civilians and their Families rely on MWR programs to upgrade their quality of life throughout the United States, Korea and around the world.


Align your brand and product with the strength of the United States Army in Korea.

Reach more than 60,000 Soldiers, Retirees, and Civilians and Family Members.

Support valuable programs for U.S. Army in Korea.

Companies who currently supply goods and services, as well as those who wish to expand their market to the United States Army consumer can increase their visibility, build sales and promote brand loyalty through sponsorship of Family and MWR events.

There are many different ways that a company can sponsor or become a partner in Family and MWR events and programs. Providing a direct monetary contribution underwriting event-related costs such as entertainment, transportation prizes and supplies is one way.

Companies may also directly provide products or services, such as food and beverages, travel tickets, sports supplies, prizes or other items that enhance programs and encourage event participation.

By partnering with U.S. Army Family and MWR, sponsors can gain access to a vast market of well-educated, financially stable consumers.


Other opportunities to sponsors include: 


BRAND RECOGNITION - Create a positive, memorable image of your product and services.

HEIGHTENED VISIBILITY – Family and MWR events and venues offer a wide exposure to a broad range of consumers. This type of visibility builds the number of overall impressions by the Army audience.

COMMUNICATE A COMMITMENT TO THE MILITARY LIFESTYLE - On-post events offer sponsors the opportunity to get exposed in the American military market while physically located in Korea. Your support also creates goodwill and builds brand loyalty.

SHOWCASE PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES – At certain levels of sponsorship, companies are authorized a display space for the duration of the event, allowing companies to interact face-to-face with current and potential customers. Demonstrating your product in action or calling attention to your product is possible through couponing and sampling.

DRIVE SALES - As a sponsor, you have many opportunities to increase sales both directly and indirectly.

Other Benefits:

Creating goodwill exposure to Army leadership.

Positioning to the civilian market positive publicity.

Positive word-of-mouth advertising through public address recognition.



Children & Family Events / Single Soldier Programs / Sports & Fitness Events

Special Events / Community Service Programs / and More!


Advertising is great opportunity for local businesses to have your company name and logo appear in a widely read forum exclusive to the Area IV community.

We offer different types and venues of advertising and customized package to help to meet your business needs.

  • Camp Walker/Camp Carroll Bowling Center Monitors

Bowling Center Advertising: The Bowling Center hosts many activities, programs and tournaments with more than 1,000 visitors playing approximately 1,800 games per month. This is a great opportunity to directly promote your brand through bowling lane monitors and build brand loyalty.

  • Field Signage (advertisement term is 6 and 12 months)

Camp Walker/Camp Carroll field has heavy foot traffic resulting from year-round intramural sports, Child & Youth Service sporting events, Daegu high school sports and practices, rental service and F&MWR events.

  • Evergreen Golf Course Tee Markers

The Evergreen Golf Course hosts multiple community tournaments throughout the year with an annual average of 51,000 rounds of golf played. The tee box advertisement term is 12 months. Golf scorecards are in bundles of 10,000.

  • Enterprise Web

Rates to be announced.

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