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Parent Central Services is here to help get the required information for your child to be enrolled in Child and Youth services (CYS), For your child to participate in any CYS program on USAG Daegu, he/she must be registered. We can help you get this accomplished when you stop by, but please ensure that you have proper documents on hand. Appointment are available and recommended. 


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Fee Schedule

Department of Defense (DoD) prescribes uniform fee regulations for all military children and youth programs. The fees are based on total family income and apply to all children who attend on a regular basis. The fee ranges are updated annually. Each year DoD instructs installations to increase fees based on estimates of inflation. USAG Daegu continues to attempt to minimize the impact on parents by providing a multi-child discount and offering volunteer and parent participation discounts. This year, families can earn up to 10% off their monthly childcare costs by volunteering and participating in our programs. We commit to you that we will continue to provide quality and safe child care for our children. Standard cost fee structure (as of August 2016)

  • Active Duty military
  • DOD/DA civilian
  • US Contractors working in USAG Daegu
  • DODDS employees